I was recently told my website can be a bit confusing and that I should  make it a bit more marketing-like, to convince you to come and study with me...

I won't be doing that.

If you have found this page you must have some idea of what Tai Chi and Chi Gung are and can do for you...so

if the following pages are  too much for you to read then simply contact me directly in Germany 004917692217416 or Baguamonkey@gmx.de or phone 0044 7380 524010 or Skype me for class details...

Jamie Dibdin

For Brighton and London based sessions


For Germany(Frankfurt and Wiesbaden) and Karlsborg, Sweden.


For things Martially oriented


Recertification Costs

There are 2 choices for testing, from October 2017...
1. A test with a pass/fail result
2. A test with a pass/fail result and feedback

Option 1 costs £60, if you do option 2 it costs £120 because it takes longer and is harder work for both of us...

Ba Gua Zhang Passion Project
in Wiesbaden...starting 2019!!!
Further information to follow, I am looking into running a 10 (or there abouts) year long Ba Gua teaching endeavour.