MINI group sessions Frankfurt

New Format
As of now these sessions will be 6 hours on Saturdays, 4 on Sundays. The Saturdays either Gods and Ba Gua Zhang or Wu Tai Chi Long or Short Form. The Sundays will be 4 hours of Martial Modules.
Contact me for details
Private Session Availability In Frankfurt am Main just get in touch directly...
Contact me either by e-mail or in Germany 017692217416 or in the UK mobile/SMS 07411588112 (3 network), alternatively Skype Jamie Dibdin


Please contact me directly for details about...

May 19th and 20th Gods/Ba Gua, Martial Modules


In 2018 the price will rise to 90€ on the day. To pay less,  pay for 4 sessions in advance  320€, 80€ per session.

Continuing 2018

After December 2017 all courses will run from 11-4.30 , not neccessarily with a Standing and Dissolving component...unless there is an Opening the Energy Gates class, in which case there will be...


Ba Gua Zhang Passion Project
in Wiesbaden...starting 2019!!!
Further information to follow, I am looking into running a 10 (or there abouts) year long Ba Gua teaching endeavour. As well as the above I will be running a Wu Tai Chi Long Form Passion Project in Wiesbaden.

The w/es will run as
10-1pm Nei Gung/Chi Gung
1-2.30pm Lunch break
2.30-6.30pm Ba Gua or Wu Long form, sessions and dates to be set


Ba Gua or Wu Long form, sessions and dates to be set