MINI group sessions Frankfurt

New Format
As of now these sessions will be 6 hours on Saturdays, 4 on Sundays. The Saturdays either Gods and Ba Gua Zhang or Wu Tai Chi Long or Short Form. The Sundays will be 4 hours of Martial Modules.
Contact me for details
Private Session Availability In Frankfurt am Main just get in touch directly...
Contact me either by e-mail or in Germany 017692217416 or in the UK mobile/SMS 07411588112 (3 network), alternatively Skype Jamie Dibdin


Please contact me directly for details about...

February 17th and 18th Gods/Ba Gua, Martial Modules

March 17th and 18th Wu Tai Chi Long or Short Form, Martial Modules

May 12th and 13th Gods/Ba Gua, Martial Modules


In 2018 the price will rise to 90€ on the day. To pay less,  pay for 4 sessions in advance  320€, 80€ per session.

Continuing 2018

After December 2017 all courses will run from 11-4.30 , not neccessarily with a Standing and Dissolving component...unless there is an Opening the Energy Gates class, in which case there will be...

February 17th Tai Chi Circling Hands

March 17th Dragon and Tiger

May 12th Wu Long Form