Update September 2018

After completing the first of these courses some weeks ago, I have decided to offer the two week option again in 2019, date to be confirmed...

As well as that there will be chances to attend some dates in Wiesbaden to train in/learn the set over a two year period-a one week course will need to be attended too-details of this option will be published later this year...

General Information

As some of you may have seen, from July 2017 I have been acknowledged by Bruce Frantzis as a Certifier for Level 1 and 2 in Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung.

For the first few years I will only run single level courses. By the time a couple of courses have taken place for Level 1, I will offer Level 2 as well.

The courses will take place as 2 week Intensives or spread over 8 weekends plus a week intensive. Instructor trainees will need to complete the whole course in order to be eligible for testing.

If people want to attend a course like this without wanting to become Instructors they will be able to attend the first 7 days of the two week intensive trainings only.

September 2018
The price for the 2 week intensive course will be 1,600€ paid up to 6 weeks in advance. 1,800€ when paid after the 6 week deadline. Those who wish to only attend the first 7 days will pay 800€.

Please remember to look at EnergyArts.com where there are guidelines you need to look at re-becoming an instructor.

Additionally it will be helpful to know that my courses will mostly take place in Wiesbaden, Germany. This is due to the fact that I can use a school there.

There are plenty of good hotels in the area, I will try to provide help if needed, as will my local contact-Kai Schoppe.